There are a number of various injectables that we will use to customize your enhancement. These may include paralytic agents such as Botox which selectively weakens certain muscles to improve brow shape and position, wrinkles around the sides of the eyes, furrows around the mouth and bands in the neck. Other agents act as fillers to augment volume of lips, improve the appearance of certain wrinkles or act to enhance cheek fullness. These include long acting agents such as Sculptra (used most commonly in nasolabial fold/cheek augmentation), short acting agents such as Juvederm and Restylane (used for fine wrinkles and subtle enhancement elsewhere) and other agents such as Radiesse that have variable length of duration.

All injections are associated with a certain amount of discomfort that usually goes away soon after the injection. Short acting agents and Botox will usually be associated with minimal swelling and unusual bruising. Sculptra injection may be associated with significant bruising and swelling for a few days. Radiesse may have some overlying redness for a few days with bruising being unusual.

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