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Why SmartGraft?

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SmartGraft hair replacement uses FUE (follicular unit extraction) technology which can be one simple solution for hair loss in both men and women. The SmartGraft system was developed by a leading team of physicians, medical scientists, and engineers who understood the importance of helping to assist physicians with their FUE surgeries to give patients an alternative to the visible linear scarring that occurs with the traditional strip method.

SmartGraft uses a less intrusive method to restore hair loss than the strip method. Through a process known as “fue hair restoration,” SmartGraft uses your own hair to produce the most natural results. The procedure is completed in-office, during a single visit, which means less discomfort and less recovery. And the best part? SmartGraft produces permanent results.

SmartGraft Benefits

FUE with SmartGraft poses countless benefits over the older strip method of hair restoration, so it is no wonder that many patients are asking for SmartGraft. Among the benefits of a SmartGraft procedure are:

  • A completely natural look. Because your own hair is used to fill in balding spots, the results produce the most natural, healthy look possible.
  • Minimal scarring. Unlike other traditional procedures which require large strips of hair to be removed and restored, SmartGraft uses individual micro grafts to eliminate linear scar.
  • A single, in-office procedure. The procedure is performed in the doctor’s office and typically lasts about five hours.
  • Almost no downtime. Recovery is short and patients are typically washing their hair within a few days.

How Does SmartGraft Work?

SmartGraft Hair Replantation

Hair loss can occur for any number of reasons such as genetics, certain medications and diseases, and irreversible damage from excessive tension over time. No matter the root of the problem, hair loss is something that both men and women of all ages and races experience. SmartGraft is an FUE hair restoration device available to patients who are tired of being self-conscious about their hair and are ready to make a positive change to their appearance. It is the smartest, more effective way to fight hair loss that provides permanent, noticeable results.

SmartGraft’s fue hair restoration device works on a microscopic level, extracting between one to four hair follicles at a time from a region of the head that has healthy hair and “bald resistant”, most typically from the back of the head. Your doctor will then implant these micro hair grafts into the targeted regions, producing the most natural, healthy results. And, because the grafts work on such a small level, there is no noticeable linear scarring like with other transplantation methods.

Why is SmartGraft the Great Choice?

The reason SmartGraft is a great choice is because of the results it produces. Visible changes happen quickly and you may first start to notice hair growth as soon as the first three months after your procedure. Your hair will grow back in phases, and full growth will be realized within one year.

What are You Waiting For? Schedule a Free Consultation Today.

If you believe you are a good candidate for SmartGraft, we invite you to come learn more about the life-changing procedure with a free consultation visit. During this visit, you will get a professional opinion as to whether SmartGraft is a suitable option for you and can start planning your approach to hair restoration with Dr. Ducic in-person.


Call with with any questions or to request a consultation with DFW Reconstructive and Cosmetic Facial Surgeon Dr. Ducic.

Hair Replacement Pre/Post Op Instructions

It is very important that you understand and follow these instructions completely, for optimal results. Take all medications as directed and never on an empty stomach. Please call your pharmacist or our office if you have questions.

  1. Alcoholic beverages, Ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin) and Aspirin are not to be taken for 48 hours before or after surgery. You may take Tylenol. Please inform your physician if you are taking any blood thinning medications, as some may need to be avoided before surgery.
  2. DO NOT SMOKE or use tobacco products a minimum of 4 weeks prior to surgery and a minimum of 4 weeks post op. Doing so can result in the cancellation of your procedure and unsuccessful post op results, complications and/or delay the healing process.
  3. On occasional instances, minor bleeding may occur from the transplant site and/or donor area. This is normal and can be controlled by applying gentle but firm pressure on the area for 10-15 minutes with a dampened gauze pad. PRESSES ONLY, DO NOT RUB!
  4. Sleep with your head elevated the first three nights after surgery, either in a recliner or in bed with extra pillows. This will help prevent swelling of the scalp and forehead. Do not sleep on your face or irritate the graft area.
  5. To prevent swelling on the forehead or around the eyes, apply an ice pack over the eyebrows for 5-10 minutes, every hour. DO NOT ICE THE GRAFT AREA. If swelling occurs it will appear on the second or third day after surgery. The swelling is part of the normal healing process and will start to dissipate within 72 hours. Begin using ice packs immediately after surgery and continue for the first 72 hours. Do not use a hot compresses, this will only intensify the swelling.
  6. Scabbing will form over the transplant sites and solidify the first few hours after the procedure. These scabs will naturally fall off within 2 weeks. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH at these scabs at any time. Doing so can endanger the healing of the graft and can cause scarring or chance of infection. Don’t be alarmed if there are short hairs in scabs when they fall off. The hair is inside the scalp. It is natural to lose the hair shaft.
  7. Do not wash your head for 24 hours after the surgery. After 24 hours, lightly wet the hair in the shower, spread a gentle shampoo in your hands, gauze or washcloth and gently PAT the shampoo on, DO NOT RUB. Rinse lightly in shower and do not let the full strength of water pressure hit your head, as it could dislodge some of the grafts. We recommend using a cup of warm water to rinse the graft area. Do not rub your hair dry with a towel. You may lightly pat dry your hair, use a hair dryer on a low cool setting, or air dry. It is recommended to wash your head daily for the first 2 weeks. You may resume normally washing habits after 14 days.
  8. Avoid any kind of strenuous activity or workouts for 7 days after surgery. Do your best not to raise your heart rate. Some activities in the work place can be easily resumed a day or two after the procedure. Please ask us if you have any questions or concerns.
  9. Be sure to take all medications provided for you as directed.
  10. DO NOT USE peroxide on your scalp or other liquids/ointments unless instructed by your physician. This could affect the healing or success of the procedure.


  1. Wash your hair the morning of surgery. Do not use gel, hair spray, or any hair care products.
  2. Eat a good breakfast.
  3. Wear a button down shirt or something that can be easily removed.
  4. Please take medications as directed. Bring all filled medications with you to the office.
  5. Have someone available to take you to and from your procedure. Please give your driver’s contact information to the front desk. 
  6. Friends or family will not be allowed in the procedure room, as this causes a non-sterile environment. They are welcome to call the front desk to check on your status.
  7. The procedure will last the majority of the day. Feel free to bring in your own portable electronics, headphones, etc. We want you to be comfortable during the procedure.
  8. You may bring in your own snacks.

Please follow all instructions and take medications as directed. We want you to be happy and excited with your SmartGraft results! Please don’t hesitate to call our office should you have any questions.

Call Colleyville Office: Colleyville Office Phone Number 817-503-2442 (Mon-Fri, business hours only)

Call Fort Worth Office: Fort Worth Office Phone Number 817-920-0484 (business hours and after hours assistance)

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