Patient Communication

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Pigeon is a secure, HIPAA-compliant doctor to patient communication tool created to make it easier for patients like you to connect directly with your healthcare provider when you need to. For you, it’s no different than sending a text message to your friends and family.

Is it secure?

Pigeon was built with security and HIPAA-compliance in mind every step of the way. We encrypt all data sent through Pigeon and protect all of your private health information (PHI) to the best of our ability. However we do strongly recommend you set up some standard security procedures. To find out more visit:

How do I sign up?

To sign up to use Pigeon you’ll need to fill out a consent form with your Doctor’s office and provide them some basic information. Within 24 hours of signing the consent form you should receive a text from Pigeon prompting you to confirm your identity using your date of birth.

Once you have confirmed your identity you’ll be able to text your Doctors and their staff at any time just be replying to that number! Make sure you save the number, then anytime you want to talk just text that number like you would any other contact in your phone.

If you have any other questions visit or ask your doctor.